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This file is out of date. It will be updated shortly.

01.04.16: PureLS Config File - Standard file name "purels.cfg"

ConfigFileFolder : (String Value) - Specifies a folder to add to the search path used by the ConfigFile command.

ConfigFileFolder "x:\path\to\config\file\"

Example: (multiple settings allowed)
ConfigFileFolder "c:\shells\purels\theme\default\configs\"
ConfigFileFolder "c:\shells\purels\configs\"

LoadModuleFolder : (String Value) - Specifies a folder to add to the search path used by the LoadModule command.

LoadModuleFolder "x:\path\to\module\folder\"

Example: (multiple settings allowed)
LoadModuleFolder "c:\shells\purels\theme\default\dlls\"
LoadModuleFolder "c:\shells\purels\dlls\"

ConfigFile : (String Value) - Used to tell PureLS what Configuration files (ie: step.rc) to load on startup.

ConfigFile "x:\path\to\config.rc"

Example: (multiple settings allowed)
ConfigFile "c:\shells\purels\themes\default\evars.rc"
ConfigFile "c:\shells\purels\step.rc"

LoadModule : (String Value) - Used to tell PureLS what modules to load on startup.

LoadModule "x:\path\to\module.dll"

Example: (multiple settings allowed)
LoadModule "c:\purels\hotkey.dll"
LoadModule "c:\purels\systray.dll"

EVariable : (String Value) - (Enviroment Variable or Expand Variable) Replace "EVariable" with any identifier you wish. Then use the identifier anywhere else in your configuration file surrounded by dollar signs. "$EVariable$". This will substitute the identifier with the text that follows the identifier where it was defined. If the identifier is not defined in the configuration files, then the system Enviroment Variables will be searched for a match.

EVariable Any text you want

AppPath C:\Program Files\Apps\
*Popup "Program Folder" "!PopupFolder:$AppPath$"

This will turn into:
*Popup "Program Folder" "!PopupFolder:C:\Programs Files\Apps\"

DisableEVars : (Boolean Value) - If set, this will disable support for using EVariables in any specified ConfigFiles. EVariables are always supported in the PureLS Config file (purels.cfg). This gives a performance boost.


DisableExternalLoadModules : (Boolean Value) - If set, this will disable support for using LoadModule commands in any specified ConfigFiles. LoadModules are always supported in the PureLS Config file (purels.cfg). This gives a performance boost.


EnableEndLineComments : (Boolean Value) - If set, this will enable support for End Line Comments in any specified ConfigFiles. End Line Comments are always supported in the PureLS Config file (purels.cfg). This causes a performance hit.


This will then allow a command like this:

*Hotkey WIN E notepad.exe ; This is an End Line Comment

If you did not have EnableEndLineComments set, then when Notepad launched it would say: "Cannot find the ; This is an End Line Comment.txt file." However, if a semicolon is inside of a quote or bracket block, it is not a comment.

ColorBGR : (Boolean Value) - If set, this will change all color references from using the default color order of RED GREEN BLUE to BLUE GREEN RED.


StartupRunItem : (String Value) - Used to tell PureLS to load a specifed program at startup time.

StartupRunItem "x:\path\to\file.exe"

Example: (multiple settings allowed)
StartupRunItem "c:\shells\purels\runitems\notepad.lnk"
StartupRunItem "c:\shells\purels\myrunitems\icq.lnk"

StartupRunFolderContents : (String Value) - Used to tell PureLS to run the contents of specified folder.

StartupRunFolderContents "x:\path\to\runfolder\"

Example: (multiple settings allowed)
StartupRunFolderContents "c:\shells\purels\startup\"
StartupRunFolderContents "c:\shells\purels\allusers\startup\"

General Configuration and Syntax Information :

PureLS uses a single simple configuration file to set its basic configuration parameters. By default this file is called purels.cfg and is located in the same folder that purels.exe is located. See Command Line Options for changing the name and location of this file.

The configuration settings specified in this section are used only by this file with two exceptions. First the LoadModule setting can be used in any configuration file loaded with the ConfigFile command as long as the DisableExternalLoadModules is not set. Second, the command ColorBGR is supported in any configuration file.

One should use this new purels.cfg file, as it is what PureLS will continue to use, and more features will be supported through settings in this file. However, full legacy LiteStep 11-23-99 step.rc parsing is supported, and so if the file purels.cfg does not exist in the same folder as purels.exe then PureLS will look for the step.rc file and all of the extended PureLS features will be disabled.

If no ConfigFile commands are found in the purels.cfg file, then PureLS will try to manually add a ConfigFile pointing to step.rc located in the same folder as purels.exe if it exits. This is not LiteStep legacy support, as all commands specified in the purels.cfg file will be used. It is just a default ConfigFile.

Any EVariables defined in purels.cfg can only be used in purels.cfg. Any EVariables defined in configuration files specified by the ConfigFile commands can not be used in purels.cfg but can be used in any other configuration file.

There are several types of command values that are specified in a ConfigFile. The few basic types are Booleans, Colors, Integers, and Strings.

These value types are what modules use to obtain their settings. Modules access these configuration settings through the PureLS API and should not directly load these configuration files themselves. By setting values in the Configuration files using the following syntax, modules will be able to correctly interpert their settings.

The syntax for specifying each are the following:

Booleans: (If set the value is TRUE, otherwise FALSE)

Colors: (Syntax RRGGBB hexidecimal value unless ColorBGR is set, then the order is BBGGRR)
 SomeColor 0xFF00FF

 SomeInteger 100

Strings: (This is the most varied syntax setting. The following are acceptable and depend on the Module requesting the value.)

In general there are two parts to a String value. A Command and Arguement(s). If there are spaces in either item, it must be enclosed by quotation marks.

 SomeString1 "My Command With Spaces"
 SomeString2 "My Command With Spaces" Plus Some Arguements
 SomeString3 MyCommand "Plus A Single Argument"
 SomeString4 MyCommand Argument

Now some String values support multiple commands and arguements. This is done by seperating the values (which would be in the syntax specified above) by brackets.

 SomeString5 [MyCommand Argument]["My Space Command"]

01.01.28: PureLS Command Line - Command Line options seperated by a space between switches.

/f : Specifies what configuration file (new purels format file) to load settings from on startup.


purels.exe /fc:\shells\purels\themes\default\purels.cfg

Defaults to: "purels.cfg" located in the PureLS folder. If purels.cfg does not exist, LiteStep 112399 legacy step.rc file and format will be used.

/m : Specifies LoadModule handling on startup.

  0 - Disable all LoadModules.
  1 - Enable all LoadModules.
  2 - Prompt to run each LoadModule.
  3 - Prompt to quit PureLS if no LoadModules are run.

purels.exe /m3

Defaults to: 1

/s : Specifies whether to run startup items or not. Optionally, hold down shift key when loading PureLS to disable startup items.

  0 - Disable startup items.
  1 - Enable startup items.

purels.exe /s0

Defaults to: 1

/d : (DEBUG VERSION ONLY) Specifies whether to show debug messages as Compiler Messages, or in a Dialog Box.

  0 - Show as compiler message.
  1 - Show as dialog box.

purels.exe /d1

Defaults to: 0

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