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01.01.28: Dev Update and a Release

Well, what you all have been waiting for... A release! Yup, but before you run off to grab the file, please finish reading this update. For you who just want new files, feel free to grab them and plop them down. Your current setup should work without modification. For those who want the new functionality of PureLS or are a new user, please read the documentation on the Config page.

If you run into any problems read the docs on the Config page. If you can't find your answer there, join the PureLS Mailing list on the Help page and ask away. Someone will help you. Please try to refrain from emailing myself or Ender directly with configuration questions. Feel free to email us about coding questions.

Along with this release comes the full source code. I will be finishing up some Developer documentation sometime in the next couple of weeks. But who needs docs when you have the source? heh. I did not finish the rewrite of our startup.dll, so both the binary in the release and the startup source is from the 00-05-29 release. It is fully functional, but uses an old Win16 function and an lsapi.dll wrapper. We should have a new version out shortly that takes care of this.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it. It took a while, but hopefully it was worth the wait. It is nothing earth shattering, but it offers some new stuff, and more of the core of the shell has been cleaned up. That is three sections of code down, two more to go before we are completey using our own code base.

Oh, and ignore the wrong date in the About box :)


01.01.19: Dev Update

Here we are again. While I won't get too detailed with the current status, as I'll be doing that fairly soon with an actual release, I will say that all modules which I have tested now work as well as they do under any other shell. However, tin_omen (DTO) tells me that mzscript.dll isn't working. Nothing I can do about that because the source code isn't available to look at.

Otherwise things are looking really good. I've been making a few last minute clean up changes and writing documentation. Its Friday, and that means I have the weekend to finish. :)

If you want more of the lowdown on whats been happening, head over to and read through tin_omen's postings. Otherwise join the PureLS Mailing list linked off of the Help page.

01.01.14: Dev Update

Well, I just finished the first functional test build of the new code. There are problems with it already needless to say, but it is a step in the right direction. It is progress.

Hopefully you all will see something soon. Take that with a grain of salt please. :)

Here are a few items of interest:

Loading systray.dll, jkey.dll, jdesk.dll, tasks.dll, chronos.dll, popup.dll, sysvwm.dll with this latest test build of PureLS, according to the NT taskmanager, the purels.exe process was only using 1.9mb of memory.

The only modules I had trouble loading were lsxcommand.dll which would not load at all (I'm fairly certain I know the problem) and sysvwm.dll, which loaded, but removed the desktop background image. But otherwise functioned without a problem.

So, please be patient for a little while longer. I know that seems to be a catch phrase used a lot around here. :)

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pLS Logo by Todd [Tin Omen] Kadrie