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00.06.16: Clarification

About the SoureForge PureLS dev page. You do NOT have to create a SourceForge Account, to use it. So, to subscribe to the mailing lists, all you need to do is simply add your email address in the subscription form. You do not have to setup an account at SourceForge to subscribe to the lists. Anyway, here are some direct links. First to the General (help) list where most people want to subscribe:

Then to the Development (code) list which I would suggest any module developers, and people who would like to discuss PureLS code issues subscribe to:

Thats all. So if you were confused when you visited the SoureForge page, when it told you to download an updated browser, or to create an account. Don't worry about it. It is not necessary :)

00.06.13: Is it over yet?

Hopefully this is the last on the DNS stuff, then we can get back to the fun stuff. It seems the DNS is working now for most everyone but me, go figure. Anyway, if you are still having access problems using please let me know. If you didn't notice, that email link points to my new purels email address: So please send emails to that address regarding purels issues only. Ender also has his purels account setup as well, so email ender at

Well, not everything is setup yet, but I figure it is needed, so you can now head over to our new "dev" page hosted by SourceForge. If you are familiar with SourceForge, then you'll know what it entails, but to explain a little... Basically it is a web interface for open source developers to host their projects, offering mailing lists, CVS, bug tracking, webboards etc. While we don't have everything fully configured yet, the message boards and mailing lists are setup to a usable state. So head on over and make use of it. Enjoy.

00.06.09: Update

Things are looking good. Our DNS stuff is working out, and I am getting the CVS, Mailing lists, bug tracking stuff all setup. I think I have replied to everyone who offered DNS hosting. If I missed someone, I apologize. Hotmail doesn't save out-going messages unless you tell it to (I don't have the default setup for that. oops.) so I couldn't verify if I missed anyone or not. In anycase, we have a Primary and Secondary setup, and are just waiting for the data bases to be updated.

Also, I am starting a little sub project, which PureLS will be dependant on for developers wanting to compile the core files. I am compiling my own Win32 header files. I have gotten several responses back from people after requesting information on Win32 headers, and it was suggested to look at Borland, or MinGW headers. I got PureLS to compile under MSVC using the /Za compiler switch (strict ANSI-C compliance, actually it means Disable Language Extensions) with the MinGW headers!

So, why am I wanting to compile my own header files if some already work? I feel like it. Plus it'll let me learn a bit more about Win32 depandancies etc. All of this is leading up to getting PureLS to compile under something other then MSVC. It probably would now, however since we aren't releasing the full source code at this point it isn't my top priority. But as soon as we finish up the next couple of releases and start really utilizing the native PureLS code and release the source, I will be working to get PureLS to compile with the GNU tools, LCC and the likes.

00.06.07: More DNS Stuff

I finally got around to checking my email account late last night, and was fairly surprised (and quite happy) to find several offers to host our DNS. I very much appriciate it, and I'll be getting back to everyone who offered later on today. Our DNS information is currently being hosted through the Free DNS over at I had been updating the DNS information about a week ago, and messed up, so when the changes were applied, our zone got rejected. I fixed it but then they never reloaded their servers for over a week, thus our down time. Anyway, things should be back up and going soon.

In the mean time tin_omen of has been ontop of things and set us up with a redirect URL at Much appriciated!

00.06.05: DNS Stuff

Well, it doesn't look like our Name Server is coming around anytime soon, so if anyone would be able to host our DNS info on their Name Server we would appriciate it. Please let me know if you would be able to do this. Thanks.

00.06.02: bug

Apparently the "LoadModule" is case sensitive. So, until I get that fixed, be sure to capitalize the "L" and "M" while making everything else lower case. This only applies specifically to the "LoadModule" command, and does not reflect to any other command, nor the path to the module file that is being loaded.

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pLS Logo by Todd [Tin Omen] Kadrie